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At TAJMAC Global FZE, we are the intersection of innovation and comprehensive IT solutions. Our journey began in 2008 as TAJMAC IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd., stemming from the esteemed R. S. Gohar & Co. (Est. 1973). Over the years, we've dynamically evolved into a prominent IT service provider, specializing in Information, Communication, and Operational technology.

In 2017, TAJMAC Global FZE was formed, marking a new chapter in our commitment to delivering cutting-edge IT solutions. With a focus on the unique needs of the UAE market, we continue to build on our legacy of excellence, bringing tailored and innovative services to our clients.

Explore the possibilities with TAJMAC Global FZE — your strategic partner for forward-thinking IT solutions.

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Foundation and Growth (2008 - 2012)

 TAJMAC IT Solutions originated from R. S. Gohar & Co., with a dedicated shift to corporate services in 2010. By 2012, we emerged as a key player in Public Cloud Services in Pakistan, boasting 5500 users by 2013.

Segmentation and Restructuring (2013)

 In 2013, we strategically consolidated under three key segments: Machines, Applications, and Clouds. We adapted to the rise of IoT, leading to our current departments: Clouds, Applications, Devices, and Trainings.

Shaping Our Early Journey (2015)

  • Maximum focus on Cloud solutions.
  • Expanding our product and service portfolio to facilitate organizations in shifting to the cloud.
  • Simplifying hardware and reducing costs through advanced technologies.
  • Offering OpEx-based solutions with transparent costs.
  • Prioritizing customer-centric solutions, focusing on solving problems rather than promoting products.
  • A commitment to unbiased end-to-end solutions, irrespective of brands or vendors.
  • Promoting BYOD-based solutions, supporting heterogeneous environments with simplified solutions.
  • Bridging the gap for SMB customers with Enterprise-grade solutions.
  • Strengthening customer support options, with T1 support capable of resolving 60% of issues.

Adapting to the Future (2024)

As we advance into 2024, our company's landscape has evolved to address the ever-changing needs of our clients:

  • Intensified Cloud Excellence: We continue to elevate our expertise in Cloud solutions, ensuring that our clients benefit from the latest advancements in cloud technology.
  • Diversified Product and Service Portfolio: Our portfolio has expanded to offer a broader spectrum of products and services, facilitating seamless transitions to cloud-based solutions.
  • Cutting-edge Hardware Solutions: Embracing advanced technologies, we persist in simplifying hardware while simultaneously reducing costs for enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Flexible Financial Solutions: Our commitment to financial transparency remains unwavering, with an emphasis on offering Operational Expenditure (OpEx) solutions with clear and transparent costs.
  • Client-Centric Problem Solving: Putting client needs at the forefront, we prioritize solutions that address problems directly, emphasizing a client-centric approach over product promotion.
  • Brand-agnostic End-to-End Solutions: Our dedication to unbiased end-to-end solutions remains, ensuring that our clients receive tailored services irrespective of brands or vendors.
  • Tailored Solutions for SMBs: Bridging the gap for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs), we continue to provide Enterprise-grade solutions, empowering organizations of all sizes.
  • Enhanced Customer Support: Our commitment to robust customer support has grown stronger, with Tier 1 (T1) support now capable of resolving up to 60% of issues promptly.

Our Companies & Global Presence


TAJMAC IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  • Cloudtastic Private Limited
  • SNETMAC Private Limited
  • BoloBlast Marketing Private Limited
  • 3rd-Dimension HRD Solutions
  • Sensorious IOT Solutions

United Arab Emirates


  • Cloudtastic App. Solutions
  • BoloBlast Digital PR Solutions

Sootwala General Trading Co

  • SNETMAC Devices Solutions


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Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles define our ethos:

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